My Thoughts In a Poem

I have this feeling and I want to share it with you, for me, the best at to do that I through a written paragraph. So here is a poem to share my emotions.

So close, but yet, so far.
Lives changed,
Memories made,
Fears faced.
But yet we act like nothing has changed.

So close, but yet, so far.
Worlds apart.

It takes seconds to make a plan.
It takes minutes to get out the door.
It takes hours to bring yourself to leave.
But it takes even less to become worlds apart.

Easy isn't always the best.
Better things come harder.
The best things come from hard work

Here you go guys!! This is something that I have been feeing. It might be hard to understand so I want to quickly explain it. So this all has to do with friendships. It might be hard to get out and just hang out with your friend, especially during summer. But they can change your life! It isn't hard to just go and hang out with them! Like the poem states; it take seconds to make a plan, minutes to get out the door and once your there it will take hours to leave. But it is even faster to lose that friend. It may be easy to not get out of the house, but good things take hard work so get out and have fun! Get out of the house and have quality time with your friends.
Don't forget to commnt down below what you think! I absolutely love hearing your feed back, so tell me weather you like this type of post and if you want to eye more in the near future! Oh and btw, I'm back and blogging so get excited!