Must Haves For Traveling!!!

So in light of the traveling season, summer, I think that this is an appropriate thing to talk about! This summer, in fact in a week I will be traveling to the U.S. For a missions trip. I will be driving up with a group of teens from my church. The drive is going to take close to 12 hours meaning we have to leave by 6 in the morning which is acceptable. But being in a van with a group of people for 11+ hours isn't my type of thing. I can bearly stand a couple hour drive! 

Soooo I'm going to make a list of things that help me get through long drives! Enjoy!

1.  Music. This is key to passing the time, especially if you don't want to talk to the people you are driving with. I suggest making a really really long playlist of some of your favourite songs. I would say try to shoot for an hour long playlist. That way you won't over play your songs

2. Download games. Bring an iPad along with a ton of games that way you will have lots to play. And of your traveling with a group you can all pass it along and play. Also if your bringing any electronics  and your in a public place, (for my missions trip iPads and stuff aren't permitted) bring a smaller bag to store them in that is discreate and good as a carry on for the ride there and back.

3. Snacks. Bring something simple, mess free and easy to share. There is lots of options but for my family we always took twizzlers licrorish and banana chips. Things like granola bars are also a really great option!

4. Another cool but probably impractical thing to take along for the ride is walkie talkies!!! For me my group is taking 3 vehicles and we are probably going to try our best to stay together. As long as the vehicles are close enough you can talk between vehicles! Just simply give each vehicle a walkie talkie and your good to go!

5. Blankets and pillows. You do not know how amazingly good it is to have lots of pillows and bankers to make the seats comfy and cozy. Long rides are so much better when you can sleep on the way there and especially on the way back when your super tired!

Ok so I hate car rides but with all of these things seem to be able to manage a little better. And most people stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs and refresh themselves. Comment below what you take on long car rides! 
                                                                                                                             ~ Em


  1. Um hello walkie talkies sounds so cool to take in the car!!! YES PLEASE. I'm about to go find me some and find another few people to drive a second car. Do you have any favorite games to play on your iPad?

    1. Haha! If you do try it out you will have to tell me how it goes!!! I really like games like best fiends (it's has so many people getting sponsored by it but it really is a fun game.) Smash Hit is also a cool game, you have balls that you shoot and the goal is to hit and smash the obstacles and diamonds before you get too close and lose the game. Dumb Ways to Die is another of my favourite, it's just a silly game that is pretty old now but still a lot of fun!!!
      ~ Em

  2. Wow, walkie talkies - best idea ever! I definitely need music to get me through a long drive. Great list Em!

    golden halcyon

  3. I agree on making a damn long playlist of music cause it's going to be boring on the road and jamming on your type of music is probably the best cure and because of you I am probably going to buy walkie talkies now. :)

  4. awww padding out the seats with blankets and pillows sounds like such a good idea! you could make a little comfy den in the back seat :-)

  5. Hey Em! I found this blog post super helpful since I might be taking a gap year before I head to university to travel the world a little...and long car journeys will definitely be on the agenda!

    Rachel x (

  6. I totally agree with having a long playlist. I have this playlist that is around 12 hours long and I use it a lot when I am working for long periods of time. I also have one that is completely instrumental.