2017 expectations VS. Reality: New Years Resoution

So we ALL known that today is the day to make your New Years resolutions and I'll bet there are a few things that you may see on the majority of them. Including:
 - get in shape
 - eat healthy
 - get better grades ( if your American- 4.0 average)
 - keep room clean (more clean?)
 - travel more and take artsy pictures for insta.
 - meet a cute boy

... If your anything like me you had a resoloution looking similar to this. Looking back on 2016 I definitely did not live up to my expectations!

 - eat as much junk as you can
 - causing you to be unhealthy
 - almost flunk your classes
 - not be able to see the floor in your bedroom
 - stay in bed and never leave your house
 - because you never left your house no boy knew you existed😂

Comment below if you have a New Years resoloution and what is on it! Also comment whether you mastered your 2016 resolution!  ( if you completed then I look up to you! )😃

My Thoughts In a Poem

I have this feeling and I want to share it with you, for me, the best at to do that I through a written paragraph. So here is a poem to share my emotions.

So close, but yet, so far.
Lives changed,
Memories made,
Fears faced.
But yet we act like nothing has changed.

So close, but yet, so far.
Worlds apart.

It takes seconds to make a plan.
It takes minutes to get out the door.
It takes hours to bring yourself to leave.
But it takes even less to become worlds apart.

Easy isn't always the best.
Better things come harder.
The best things come from hard work

Here you go guys!! This is something that I have been feeing. It might be hard to understand so I want to quickly explain it. So this all has to do with friendships. It might be hard to get out and just hang out with your friend, especially during summer. But they can change your life! It isn't hard to just go and hang out with them! Like the poem states; it take seconds to make a plan, minutes to get out the door and once your there it will take hours to leave. But it is even faster to lose that friend. It may be easy to not get out of the house, but good things take hard work so get out and have fun! Get out of the house and have quality time with your friends.
Don't forget to commnt down below what you think! I absolutely love hearing your feed back, so tell me weather you like this type of post and if you want to eye more in the near future! Oh and btw, I'm back and blogging so get excited! 


Must Haves For Traveling!!!

So in light of the traveling season, summer, I think that this is an appropriate thing to talk about! This summer, in fact in a week I will be traveling to the U.S. For a missions trip. I will be driving up with a group of teens from my church. The drive is going to take close to 12 hours meaning we have to leave by 6 in the morning which is acceptable. But being in a van with a group of people for 11+ hours isn't my type of thing. I can bearly stand a couple hour drive! 

Soooo I'm going to make a list of things that help me get through long drives! Enjoy!

1.  Music. This is key to passing the time, especially if you don't want to talk to the people you are driving with. I suggest making a really really long playlist of some of your favourite songs. I would say try to shoot for an hour long playlist. That way you won't over play your songs

2. Download games. Bring an iPad along with a ton of games that way you will have lots to play. And of your traveling with a group you can all pass it along and play. Also if your bringing any electronics  and your in a public place, (for my missions trip iPads and stuff aren't permitted) bring a smaller bag to store them in that is discreate and good as a carry on for the ride there and back.

3. Snacks. Bring something simple, mess free and easy to share. There is lots of options but for my family we always took twizzlers licrorish and banana chips. Things like granola bars are also a really great option!

4. Another cool but probably impractical thing to take along for the ride is walkie talkies!!! For me my group is taking 3 vehicles and we are probably going to try our best to stay together. As long as the vehicles are close enough you can talk between vehicles! Just simply give each vehicle a walkie talkie and your good to go!

5. Blankets and pillows. You do not know how amazingly good it is to have lots of pillows and bankers to make the seats comfy and cozy. Long rides are so much better when you can sleep on the way there and especially on the way back when your super tired!

Ok so I hate car rides but with all of these things seem to be able to manage a little better. And most people stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs and refresh themselves. Comment below what you take on long car rides! 
                                                                                                                             ~ Em


Like a wildflower,
You must allow yourself
 To grow in all the places 
People thought you 
Never would.

How to Survive Grade 9!

Hey so because I am only just starting this blog you probably won't know me very well, so first, here is a little background about me. I am 14 years old and I just finished my first year of high school a few days ago!

In light of the graduating season here in Canada I thought I would tell you how to survive grade nine, or even any new school you will be attending!
1. Don't freak out and go into it looking confident that you will succeed. (Because I'm positive that you will!)
2. Try new things and get yourself out there! Don't just hang around your friends and do only what they want to do.
3. Don't be afraid to make new friends, you don't have to hang out with the people you did before. You can expand your horizon and maybe you just might meet your new best friends!
4. Participate in class. It sound really simple to do but for someone like me I struggled with that. If you participate you will look confident and everyone like a friend with confidence. (Just remember there is such thing as over confidence and it doesn't look so pretty)
5. Take classes that you enjoy. There is nothing better than being able to do the thing you enjoy, now sadly you still have to take the mandatory classes but there is always room for a fun class!
6. Experiment. High school is the time to experiment! If you always wanted to cut your hair than do it! But make sure you take lots of pictures so in 2o years you can see what changes you liked or maybe even wonder why you did that!

Surviving high school isn't all that complicated and there isn't a designed set of how to go through it perfectly. I can guarantee that your not gonna like everything about it but if you get involved, meet new people and go on lots of school trips you will have an amazing time!
                                                                                       ~ Em

Welcome to My Blog!

Hey guys I'm Em!!! I just started up this blog and I hope you find it interesting! I decided to start a blog because it sounds like a lot of fun and I enjoy to write and read other blogs. I hope to post once a week and post about fashion, lifestyle and anything that teens like me would enjoy!